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About Us

One of the first businesses to grow and emerge within the working capital market during the 2000s, SktVisions has established a competitive position in the marketplace, as well as a storied legacy. It all started with two college roommates, KH and CJ, who had an innate passion for business management. In June of 2016, KH and CJ combined their financial savvy and business knowledge to start SktVisions. The company originated in Boston, and has since expanded to include offices in Atlanta, Georgia.



Success Deals


Happy Clients

The best quality on the finance market

Quality planning

Have a direct impact on the effectiveness of marketing strategies as well as the company's financial well-being.

Highly skilled workers

Provide formal management training to help prepare highly motivated and skilled financial workers.

10 years experience

Successfully integrated business strategies, business operations, system technologies, and information systems strategies.

Effective Solutions

Managing finance is critical to growth and profitability for any organization.


SktVisions continues to remain a competitive leader with one of the most extensive offerings and services in the business industry. We remain dedicated to developing new, innovative ways to serve businesses in an ever-changing financial market.

Business Partnering

  • Business advisory
  • External Research & Consultancy
  • Health Clinics
  • Purchasing

Financial Control

  • Asset Disposals
  • Asset Register Queries
  • Insurance queries & claims
  • Tax Queries

Other Services

  • Client Training
  • Mail & couriers
  • Stationery support

Unique Methods

Quality Services

Excellent result

Questions & answers

What do you mean by an End Product?
A product that is one of the most expensive or advanced in a company's product range, or in the market as a whole.
Where do I find my Purchase or License code?
Your SktVisions account contains your purchase or license code if you registered during your 30 days trial period.
Do I need to buy a licence for each location?
Is my license transferable?
If you move to a new location and you have an existing license from another location, you are able to transfer your license within sixty (60) days of establishing residency.
Can I incorporate advertising in my end product with a regular licence?
Yes, we recommend that you do.


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